Professional live stream video production services in Australia.

Spectrum TV Newtek Tricaster Video Mixer
Spectrum TV Newtek Tricaster video mixer

Spectrum TV offers professional live stream video production services all over Australia. Live streaming has evolved into a big key in the communication world. Live stream media has become more widely popular in recent years, allowing greater connectivity between users. It allows people to take part in events such as concerts, live news coverage and adventures.¬†The applications of live streaming can extend beyond an individual’s personal life to business contexts.

Live streaming is the best way to show the world your event in high quality HD, but still on a tight budget. Anyone with an internet connection can tune in to watch from their mobile device in the palm of their hand. With social media these days, anything can go viral, including your next event.

Live streaming through free and ever increasingly popular social media apps such as Facebook and Youtube is a great way to get your event out to the world. By offering engaging live streaming content you can build an audience of regular followers for your business and increase awareness of your brand worldwide. The other advantage of live streaming is that you can track your return on investment through data analysis including the amount of viewers, the amount of time they spend watching and where they are watching from around the world.

Spectrum TV specialises in live streaming all kinds of events including corporate, sports and concerts. We have many years of experience delivering professional and entertaining live webcasts. We not only look after the technical aspects of setting up and ensuring the delivery of the live stream but we can also provide the whole multimedia production including live video cameras, video content and informative slides.

Singapore Newtek Tricaster Live Stream
Newtek Tricaster live stream on location

Spectrum TV uses the best live streaming hardware and software to guarantee the best possible live stream experience. We own and operate  several Newtek Tricaster video mixers that make live streaming an enjoyable production to watch at an affordable cost. We would be happy to speak with you to discuss how Spectrum TV can live stream your next event and show you examples of how we have worked with our other happy clients to successfully deliver their live stream productions.

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